A Very European Halloween!

It was a Facebook post that put me in an instant state of depression. It started with a picture of the inside of my friends adorable shotgun home. In this picture I spied the following items: glitter, a glue gun, wine, hair spray, a fabulous purple wig and a variety of other Halloween-esq decor.

Mary's House

It only took one glance for my depression to ensue.

As I took another look, I noticed her caption, “Wine, Wigs, Glitter and Glue Guns. So happy costume season is here”.  At that very moment, I realized that I was “Halloween Homesick”.

There is only one true reason why a person may have never experienced Halloween Homesickness:

They haven’t experienced Halloween in New Orleans!

It goes without being said that New Orleans is the perfect place to celebrate Halloween. Where else do you find people that need little to no reason to put on a costume, and absolutely no reason at all to have a party.


Now that I am countless miles away, and Halloween is fast approaching, I realize how huge a deal it is back home. As I walk the streets of Prague, there aren’t many Jack-O-Lanterns in sight. No scary scarecrows or tacky decorated in front lawns. No skeletons hanging on the doors and no satanic haunted houses being advertised every 5 seconds.

138 copy


Yes, I am being mildly sarcastic, but deep down, I live for these things. My apartment in New Orleans was always properly decorated for Halloween in the most gaudy manner.


I put serious (bordering on crazy) thought into my costume, and it was something you started talking about months in advance.

And while I’m excited to experience the many “expat Halloween parties” Prague style, I must admit that I will be fondly (and maybe a bit bitterly) thinking of New Orleans, Frenchmen Street, Voodoo Fest and all the amazing Halloween festivities on October 31st.




Known for its haunted history, vampires, Voodoo and unique cemeteries, New Orleans may be one of the creepiest cities around. Of course, this is no shade to the best city in the world. Outside of the great food and music, the Crescent City wears its creepiness with a welcoming smile. Seriously, there’s a reason people call it “The Most Haunted City in America.”

115 copy

Halloween is one of the biggest celebrations in the Big Easy, second only to Mardi Gras. Blame it on the love of wearing costumes and the abundance of spirits (both kinds).

Voodoo fest

New Orleans maintains a spot on several top-ten U.S. city lists for celebrating the haunted holiday by indulging in seasonal parades, elaborate haunted houses, major festivals and strolls through the French Quarter. Still, we should not forget that other cities, countries and cultures have their own unique ways of celebrating Halloween…. FULL ARTICLE

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