Me, Europe and IKEA.

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Let me tell you a story about how IKEA became my new best friend.

After leaving the comfort of my old flat, I felt myself losing little pieces of my sanity.

It started with the forceful manner in which my landlord basically pushed me out of my apartment. My time was up! I had only paid for one month, and she was eagerly awaiting my departure.

My First Euro Flat.

There was a mixture of panic and annoyance, blended with bouts of rage.

I am a foreigner, how dare she be so insensitive. (HASHTAG ‘MERICA)

After packing all four of my suitcases, I spent a whopping 3 U.S. dollars hauling my stuff to the new flat via Uber.


**Sidenote: If you’re in Prague and you don’t understand the transit system, Uber is ridiculously cheap…


I dropped my things off at the new place but I was unable to move in until 3 days later. (That’s another story for another day)

After a long three days of  discomfort in a part of Prague that is only suitable for a weekend vacation; I was able to move into my own crib.

A disgustingly dingy and dirty flat, with smog covering every wall, countertop and floor thanks to the previous tenant’s daily marijuana habit.

Needless to say, I cleaned my crib from A-Z (left to right… top to bottom… 1 to infinity)

Basically I gave it a THOROUGH cleaning.

Empty Room..(Before Cleaning)

After cleansing, baptizing and dousing my flat with Holy Water from every religion, I stood at the edge of my empty room staring at all of my luggage lined up against the wall. (insert sad face.)

This is an expat’s nightmare. An unfurnished room. Absolutely ludicrous…

There was this voice telling me:

It’s okay Kimmie, hold out, you can sleep in your roommate’s bed while she is living the life in Spain and Portugal with no worries. You can wait on getting furniture… Money’s tight… Times are hard… So on and so forth.”


That mind set didn’t last very long when I woke up on Thursday morning with a free day. A day for myself. A day to enjoy, maybe go on an adventure.

Who would’ve thought that the adventure I chose would be one that would change my spirit and turn it all around.


IKEA Zlicin

My dearest European pal!

You have changed my life… You made this living abroad thing worth while… I am truly addicted to you, and I honestly can’t wait until we meet again.

Let Me Explain:

I am completely aware of the fact that there are several IKEA stores in the U.S.A. But not in my, U.S., neck of the woods.

While living in New Orleans, I could easily find furniture on craigslist and at local thrift stores. But here in Prague, a good craigslist find is difficult to come by. I tried joining Facebook pages dedicated to expats selling their things in Prague. I even joined a few free give away sites. But, nothing was happening. Every PM I sent out was either out of my budget or already sold.

I was rather discouraged about this whole move, until a little bug in my brain said, go to IKEA’s website. After one google chrome click to IKEA Praha, I realized that it was destiny.

I screen shot every sell item that I wanted. Mattress 899 CZK… Comforter 249 CZK.. etc.

I then had to hop a tram, the Metro and a bus just to get there for the 35 minute one way trip.

Picture from the bus: Leaving IKEA!

“Mluvite anglicky” I asked every IKEA attendant as I began to fall in love with the store.

It was huge and had just about everything you would ever need. The cutest pillows, blankets and throws. It had items for your bathroom, holiday decorations and well… basically… EVERYTHING.

Did I mention that IKEA has EVERYTHING? I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a pet store or  a grocery store in there…



To top it all off, they actually have a food court… SO DOPE!

Dis tew much”

Anyhow, I looked like a complete outsider as I hopped back on the Metro toting two very large bags and an entire mattress that was shrunken down into a large plastic tube.

On the Metro in Prague.


All by myself, I tugged these things all the way back to my apartment, which is on the 5th floor.  (NO LIFT/ELEVATOR)

I felt every bit of happy afterwards as I eagerly began to decorate my room, I just could not wait to rip those bags apart and start decorating.

After putting my makeshift pallet bed together, I sat there and something said, go back.

It was like IKEA was calling me. HE/SHE had missed me already and I certainly missed him/her. (LOL)


So if you haven’t guessed it, I went back. Yup, I took that same 35 minute ride out to IKEA. I even saw some of the same people I had left. This time I went for a few knick-knack items like candles, a lamp and some more pillows.

I must say, IKEA was very welcoming. It was like we had never been apart.

When I returned home, I sat in my minimalistic room and just admired it. Thanks to my new best friend, I had a cozy little nook just for me. A place that I could call home. A place that has Kimmie written all over it.

My Nook!

It was honestly the first time in my trip that I felt like home.

All thanks to my new best friend,


Until we meet again… I can not wait!



17 thoughts on “Me, Europe and IKEA.

  1. Uber is getting big in your home town also especially uptown near the Universities and French quarter. I started 3months ago and loving it. All those college students and French Quarter drunks love the cheap rides so they can drink more. Lol As for IKEA your cousin ,Tammy , been buying from them since her stint in Dubia. Now that she’s home the habit has move home with her so looks like you may have a friend for life..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There is an IKEA down the street from my apartment. I had not heard of it until I moved and needed to furnish my new place. Glad you are settling in well.


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