Berlin, I really like you… like, a lot!

Five hours away from Prague is an amazing city with a famous history filled with tragedy and triumph.


Berlin, Germany
Me in front of the Berlin Wall. ~Not the original location~

When I first arrived in Berlin, I must admit that I did not like it’s appearance.

“It looks like a city in the U.S.”

I said to my roommate as we exited Berlin’s metro station. I was forewarned about Berlin. I was told about how modern the city was going to look. And how there is a lack of historical charm to the city’s infrastructure. Obviously after being destroyed during the 2nd World War, Berlin is not as historically scenic as many of the other cities in Europe.

While on its surface, Berlin definitely does remind you of any other big city… Modern buildings, apartment complexes, new malls, churches, restaurants, etc… The people, culture and the ever changing stages of Berlin’s history is what makes it such a spectacular place.

An original part of the Berlin Wall in its Original Location
An original part of the Berlin Wall in its Original Location

With the current immigration conflict in Europe, Berlin has stepped in and allowed many people into the city. I mean by the thousands.

READ: Welcome to Syrian Berlin 

I am constantly hearing from some of my European friends how unsafe things are in Germany now that the “refugees” are entering. And while many unfortunately believe that this could possibly open them up to terrorism, it also shows that after Germany’s tumultuous history, they have become one of the most peaceful and giving countries in the world.

This sense of compassion is shown all over the city of Berlin. Unlike the city I currently reside in, Prague, Berlin is filled with culture and diversity. There are many Muslims, Africans, other European nationalities and Americans all coexisting in this one vast and might I add, very fashionable, city.


The economy seems to be doing pretty good as well. There is a never ending supply of things to do from culture to history to nightlife. Did I mention that most of the taxi’s are Mercedes Benz! (Yes, I am aware that it is a German company)

While there, I mostly enjoyed the historic side of Berlin. I was able to visit many sites , take many tours and receive a better understanding of what it is like to be German. (Things to do in Berlin)

I only spent a brief four days in Berlin, but it was four days well spent.


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