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Let’s say that you’ve been considering traveling abroad.

I mean, why not?

Every time you open a social media platform you can find countless stories, articles and photos of people traveling and seeing the world. These people are out and about exploring exotic lands and historic sites in “once in a lifetime” destinations.

I know because I happen to be one of those people… And because of my love for traveling, I am always looking for new travel tips and recommendations.

That’s why I was ecstatic when Storytrail reached out to me about my travel experiences. After speaking with the Director of Marketing and Engagement, Abigail Levner, I instantly became curious about their purpose and movement in the world of travel.


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SO… What is Storytrail?

Well, Storytrail is an innovative platform of “video city guides”. Before Founders’ Nuno and Jason discovered Storytrail, they were both…

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