Riding to Prague on A Streetcar Named Desire…

k streetcar 3

A Streetcar Named Pre-Production:


It all started when I was asked by actress, writer and play director Peppur Chambersto participate in the pre-production of A Streetcar Named Desire. Being every bit of a NOLA girl, I was honored to join the production crew and jump on board as the New Orleans consultant.

Not only was it a way for me to be involved in the art culture of Prague. It also allowed me to do what I do best: talk about the city I LOVE. The city that has reared, shaped and formed me in every way.


The opportunity couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. Finally  accepting my life living abroad, I was more than ready to work with a team of very talented and accomplished individuals.

It was even more of an honor to participate in…

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Hello Adventure! It’s me, Kimmie

Here’s a story about a freelance writer who packed up her life for the love of travel…image4134_REV_01-1

… Yes, I am that freelance writer who gave up many things to enjoy a life abroad.

It all started in 2008. I was a “Junior” in college (That awkward state where you’re in your senior year by numbers but a few credits shy)…

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Me, Europe and IKEA.

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Let me tell you a story about how IKEA became my new best friend.

After leaving the comfort of my old flat, I felt myself losing little pieces of my sanity.

It started with the forceful manner in which my landlord basically pushed me out of my apartment. My time was up! I had only paid for one month, and she was eagerly awaiting my departure.

My First Euro Flat.

There was a mixture of panic and annoyance, blended with bouts of rage.

I am a foreigner, how dare she be so insensitive. (HASHTAG ‘MERICA)

After packing all four of my suitcases, I spent a whopping 3 U.S. dollars hauling my stuff to the new flat via Uber.


**Sidenote: If you’re in Prague and you don’t understand the transit system, Uber is ridiculously cheap…


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