Me, Europe and IKEA.

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Let me tell you a story about how IKEA became my new best friend.

After leaving the comfort of my old flat, I felt myself losing little pieces of my sanity.

It started with the forceful manner in which my landlord basically pushed me out of my apartment. My time was up! I had only paid for one month, and she was eagerly awaiting my departure.

My First Euro Flat.

There was a mixture of panic and annoyance, blended with bouts of rage.

I am a foreigner, how dare she be so insensitive. (HASHTAG ‘MERICA)

After packing all four of my suitcases, I spent a whopping 3 U.S. dollars hauling my stuff to the new flat via Uber.


**Sidenote: If you’re in Prague and you don’t understand the transit system, Uber is ridiculously cheap…


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Panama by Accident!

When it comes to “Throwback Thursday”, I am always eager to post pictures of my previous travels. I mean, why not reminisce on one of the best times in my life? And being that many of my travels happened during the pre-Instagram era, I am constantly looking for a reason to share travel pictures from the past.

While posting these many pictures, I sometimes fail to point out the issues and occasional mishaps of traveling. Like, the things that people don’t realize could happen or the events that make us notice how fast everything can change. And how sometimes, things simply don’t go as planned, which brings me to my point…

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